Throwing Axe - Win Your Next Viking Throwing Tomahawk Competition! 19" Hand Forged Hatchet From High Carbon Steel, NMLRA Approved, 100% Guaranteed From Defects
Throwing Axe - Win Your Next Viking Throwing Tomahawk Competition! 19
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Brand Thrower Supply
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"By Far The Best Competition Throwing Hawk! Having A Quality Tomahawk That Performs Flawlessly Doesn't Have To Cost You A Fortune."

*It's Time To Experience What A Quality, Hand-Forged Tomahawk Can Do For Your Throwing. You've Got To Try This.*

Think about how much more fun your throwing would be if you could nail your target virtually every time, if you could have a quality tomahawk that'll last through repeated throwing, and you could have a professional quality axe that outperforms 99% of the competitors...without spending a fortune. Equipping yourself with our precise, proven tomahawk is your ticket enjoying your throwing to the fullest!

*Ready To Experience What You've Been Missing? This Is What You've Been Waiting For.*

If you haven't tried our axes before, you've GOT to find out just what you're missing. It'll come to your door perfectly balanced and ready to throw. If you've tried other axes (even other throwing tomahawks) but weren't happy with the NEED to give ours a try! This is a purchase you will not regret.

NOTICE: BEFORE BUYING A COMPETITION THROWING AXE ONLINE OR IN A STORE... Throwing axes are NOT created equally, not even close. Please don't waste money thinking another axe is better just because the price is higher, and PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THE "MACHINE-FORGED TRICK"...axes that are forged on a machine are NOT near the quality as ours! If they don't specify that it's hand-forged, don't buy it!

Simply Click "Add to Cart" to experience this for yourself!

Note from the manufacturer: Due to the hand forged professional quality of our products, supplies of our axes are EXTREMELY limited and we do our best to keep up with the demand. Please order quickly if this product is in stock so you can enjoy what tens of thousands of our happy customers are raving about.

Brand Thrower Supply
Feature READY TO WIN YOUR NEXT THROWING COMPETITION? EQUIP YOURSELF WITH THE BEST -If you're a serious competitor, then you know in order to be the best you've got to have the best equipment. You're looking at the premier competition throwing axe on Amazon.,COMPETITION THROWING TOMAHAWK...BEST BALANCED 19" HATCHET FOR THROWERS -We've got the best blacksmith in the business who still forges these hawks by hand one-by-one. We then seat it with a premium A grade straight grain American Hickory hard wood handle; giving you unbeatable control and long-lasting durability & performance.,BALANCED, PRECISE, DURABLE, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! -Weighing only 1.6lbs and having the perfect 3.75" blade edge allows you to impress your friends or battle competitors and experience your best throwing ever!,MAKE SURE TO ASK YOURSELF THIS BEFORE PURCHASING ANY AXE ONLINE -Is it HAND FORGED ONE BY ONE FROM AN AUTHENTIC & TRADITIONAL BLACKSMITH, or was it carelessly produced by a machine? Are there set screws in the blade or handle (causing it to break)? Is it NMLRA approved? We build ours the right way.,NEED SPARE HANDLES OR A SHEATH AS WELL? Spare Handles can be found typing in ASIN B00B40GFWM or B00HN25IDC - Sheaths using ASIN - B00K85OENG or B00H85S7UK
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Label Thrower Supply
Manufacturer Thrower Supply
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Title Throwing Axe - Win Your Next Viking Throwing Tomahawk Competition! 19" Hand Forged Hatchet From High Carbon Steel, NMLRA Approved, 100% Guaranteed From Defects

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