Whip-it! 420ML Premium Butane Gas includes a TSC Sticker
Whip-it! 420ML Premium Butane Gas includes a TSC Sticker
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Whip-It! Premium Butane is a highly trusted and supreme quality butane gas. It is the purest natural butane sourced from specific gas fields in the North Sea about 200 miles off the Scottish Coast. The premium quality ensures your lighters and torches are free from clogging and produce the cleanest burn. This is top-notch premium butane for quality and performance.

Instructions and Warning

1. Do not refill your lighter immediately after using it. You should allow enough time for the lighter to cool off.

2. The flame height adjuster, usually, on the bottom of the lighter should be set to minimum.

3. ALWAYS refill the lighter in an upside down position to avoid injecting air into the lighter.

4. Press the stem of the refill can directly onto the refill valve on the bottom of the lighter. Keep them in a straight position and let the gas go into the lighter for about 5 seconds. Repeat for a shorter period if needed.

5. Allow at least 3-4 minutes to let gas and lighter components reach room temperature.

6. Turn the flame height adjuster to reach the desired flame height.

7. Hold the lighter away from your face and body and ignite it carefully. If there is no flame, repeat the refilling process.

8. If you experience gas leakage with a hissing sound while refilling the lighter, either you are not holding the lighter and gas can in a straight position or the stem of the gas can is not suitable for the lighter. In this case you need to use an adaptor which is usually supplied with the gas can.

WARNING: Never fill or empty any torch or lighter over a sink (or similar well) or surface depression. Why? Butane gas is heavier than air and may collect in low spaces, and ignite if sparked. Always refill your torch in a well ventilated room and always allow gas to stabilize for at least 3-4 minutes before attempting to ignite.

Brand Whip-it!
Feature Whip-it! Premium Butane,420ml of the Purest Butane extracted from the North Sea,Backed by several worldwide governing bodies from Quality Control Institutions • Butane lighter and torch fluid in its finest form. Virtually zero impurities. Virtually contaminant free,Each premium can comes with 5 tip adapters for precise refilling into any lighter or torch,Includes a TSC Sticker
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LegalDisclaimer Must be At least 18 years of Age to Purchase. Intended for food preparation or lighter refill only.
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Title Whip-it! 420ML Premium Butane Gas includes a TSC Sticker

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