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Brand Genius Earth
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Ever wanted to TRAVEL IN A GENIUS WAY? 

The Genius Earth Pocket Blanket innovative COMPACT DESIGN will make it a “no brainer” for a traveler to pack. No bigger than a smartphone, the blanket will fit in a small purse, airplane carry on or simply in a pocket (hence the name ☺). For EXTRA CONVENIENCE, we have added a carabiner so you can hook it to the back of your pack or your belt. The PERFECT COMPANION for a hike, a summer picnic, concerts, or any outdoor and sporting event you may be heading to. After all, who wants to sit on a dirty, wet, bug’s filled, rugged grounds? Our waterproof and puncture resistant blanket is there to PROTECT. 

And when you are not using it for the outdoors, let’s have the kids use it inside as a play mat or hiding place cover; their genius minds will find many creative ways to make good use of it. Or, simply keep it in your CAR or SAFETY kit in case of EMERGENCY. That is how VERSATILE this Packable and Compactable Blanket is.

Package Includes: 
- 1 Nylon 55 X 60 inch Blanket with sand pockets and corner loops.
- 4 Ground Pegs (one for each corner loop – yellow color to be seen on the ground.

Set for your next big fun FAMILY ADVENTURE? Click ADD TO CART now and pack your Genius Earth Lightweight and Foldable POCKET BLANKET.  Traveling can be this BRILLIANT.

Brand Genius Earth
Feature COMPACT & PORTABLE -This awesome Genius Earth waterproof blanket compacts to an extra small size (6x4x2 in) then folds out to a large full size sheet easily sitting 2 adults with children. Fits perfectly in backpack, purse or pocket. Ideal for couples or families as it becomes a picnic or play mat for your toddler or child in seconds. Awesome throw when it's time for baby's nap. Also an essential to include with camping & beach accessories. The ultimate dream come true for outdoor lovers!,STYLISH - MULTI PURPOSE-TAKE ANYWHERE - One of the best folding pocket blankets for all your personal needs. Use it at camp as a shelter, tarp or sunshade over your hammock. Makes the perfect ground cover in front of your tent, at a festival or concert, picnics in the park, watching sports or sandy beaches overlooking the ocean. The Genius Earth blanket comes in 2 cool colors - red & blue with an accent of gray - that are loved by women, men, teens and children alike.,GENIUS EARTH'S 100% GUARANTEE - We have done the research to find the very best accessories for all of your outdoors fun, therefore you can buy with complete confidence. We promise this top rated, durable travel blanket will outlast your many trips and adventures. If for any reason you are not completely thrilled with your Genius Earth Pocket Blanket, please let us know for a new replacement or refund! Click ADD TO CART NOW and be ready for your next outdoor adventure.,HEAVY DUTY PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made from parachute like nylon, this ultra strong, water repellent, rip proof fabric is weatherproof, kids proof & dogs proof. This ultimate outdoor blanket is comfortable and soft, yet can endure in the rugged outdoors. The Genius Earth blanket is washable and reusable time and time again. Picnic Blanket - Beach Blanket - Camping Blanket - However and wherever you use it, this durable and pocketable blanket is equipped to become an essential on every trip.,STORAGE BAG & ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The Genius Earth Blanket comes with everything you need to stay put on the beach. 4 free GROUND STAKES to anchor the blanket on a windy day, and CORNER POCKETS that can be weighted with your valuables, rocks or sand, depending on the adventure you are on that day. The must have CARABINER will keep this ultra light and compact tote bag securely attached to your backpack or any travel gear. No wonder why it is a pretty trendy traveler's gear.
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