The Deuce Ultralight .6oz Backpacking potty Trowel
The Deuce Ultralight .6oz Backpacking potty Trowel
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Brand TheTentLab
Manufacturer TheTentLab

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This is the old style (discontinued) of TheTentlab's Deuce (formerly called "The Deuce of Spades") it's a dramtically minimalist backpacking trowel. It looks as self-explanatory as one can imagine. How much could there be to a backpacking trowel after all? This one is delightfully deceptive - you really have to use it for yourself to see how surprisingly light, effective and tough this trowel really is. It's unique, mind-bending stealth feature, is that you can use it handle-down for 4 TIMES the digging power in hard ground. Use the handle end for breaking up tough dirt and wheedling out rocks; then use the scoop end to pull the dirt out quickly and easily. The combination makes the Deuce out-dig every other trowel, stick, or stake hands down. Anyone who poops in the woods should have this baby in their pack! Okay, it's almost impossibly lightweight, what's the tradeoff? Very simple: some handle comfort. The Deuce is light because it's thin - so there's a balance to be struck between carrying it's weight for hours and hours, and how its edges feel against your hand for the few minutes a day you spend actually digging with it. With thousands of Deuces sold, we can honestly claim the balance is right (probably exactly where most backpackers would put it if they were designing it for themselves). It's fun hearing what else our customers do with it: it's a great shoehorn; it's a good sand stake; it's allowed in carryon luggage; it's handy for bear canister screws; you can open beer bottle with it (like that's not a core function - ha!). What else?

Brand TheTentLab
Color multi
Feature Crazy lightweight at just under .6 ozs (17 grams) - the weight of 3 1/2 teaspoons of water. You'll never notice the Deuce in your pack.,Only 6.8 x 2.6 ines and it fits neatly against toilet paper or a water bottle. Use the length to make sure you've dug your cathole a full 6 ines deep.,Revolutionary design can be used handle down for 4 times the digging power in hard ground. The large scoop makes mockery of "digging toolsÓ like sticks, boot heels, trekking poles or tent stakes!,Made from strong, tough 7075-T6 aluminum, it's just a little flexible due to its thinness but that's also why the Deuce digs down and slices right through small roots unusually well. Lifetime Warranty for years of impressive service - guaranteed durability or TheTentLab will replace it!,See the new Deuce(R) listing on Amazon - nice upgrades and now there are three models to choose from.
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Title The Deuce Ultralight .6oz Backpacking potty Trowel

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