Be Cool Solutions - 70% Reflective Aluminet Shade Cloth
Be Cool Solutions - 70% Reflective Aluminet Shade Cloth
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Brand Be Cool Solutions
Manufacturer Be Cool SolutionsTM

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Perfect for:
Car park shading
Instant Car Kennels- drape your car at dog agility shows and competitions
Dog Kennels and Canopies
Backyard Dog Runs
Camping site shading - drape your tent at any location

The lightweight and tough Aluminet™ fabrics are UV stabilized for extended outdoor life
Aluminized fabric deflects intense sun and heat
When cool outside, preserves heat, holding in warmth between the shade
Will not fade or shrink
Provides air circulation
Water and UV resistant fabric
Reduces the temperature of shaded area up to 30-70%*
Knitted HDPE Polyethylene design
*Temperature reduction is a function of location and is not absolute.

Be Cool Solutions™ is driven by a desire to offer our customers the highest quality portable, lightweight and durable shade solutions that will last for years.
We offer solutions for providing shade for beach days, dog competitions, outdoor sporting events, backyard activities with the family, camping trips or any other outdoor activity.

Be Cool Solutions™ Aluminet™ shade panels, constructed from highly reflective aluminized fabric, are the perfect solution to keep the sun off your car, tent and pet and help and keep them cool.
The fabric reflects out unwanted heat, radiation, and light, and does not absorb any heat itself. The open-knit fabric construction allows excellent air flow.
The knitted fabric acts like a mirror during summer months and provides 55% light reflection resulting in a cooler climate by up to 14 degrees F.
Make hot weather more comfortable for you by reducing heat build-up in your vehicle.

Brand Be Cool Solutions
Feature Best quality shade cloth! Constructed from highly reflective aluminized fabric. The perfect solution to keep you cool.,Perfect for camping, pet shade, dog shows, beach and any other outdoor activity.,The fabric reflects out unwanted heat, radiation, and light, does not absorb any heat and allows airflow.,Tape sewed across the edges and grommets every 0.5m.,Water and UV resistant fabric.
Label Be Cool SolutionsTM
Manufacturer Be Cool SolutionsTM
ProductGroup Sports
Publisher Be Cool SolutionsTM
Studio Be Cool SolutionsTM
Title Be Cool Solutions - 70% Reflective Aluminet Shade Cloth

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