CampingGearWeb Feed Reservoirs RSS Feed Hydration Pack Water Bladder, 1.5 Liter 2 Liter 3 Liter...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Pack Water Bladder, 1.5 Liter 2 Liter 3 Liter... by SportsTrail Additional Images: /images/no-image-small.gifAquatic Way Hydration Bladder Water Reservoir 2 Liter 2L 70...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Bladder for BackpacksStay Hydrated when Camping, Hiking, Biking, or Hunting~ Want to have water without stopping your activity?~ Looking for a hygienic bladder that is easy to clean and dry?~ Tired of low quality water bags that are leaky or leave an aftertaste?Introducing: Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder -- Keeping You Hydrated While You Are Active!Materials- Food-grade BPA-Free bladder material that is extremely resistant to mold and microbes- Leak-proof experience with premium quality TPU material and leak-proof sealing technologyLarge Opening- Easy to clean and dry using the large opening that provides access to inner surfaces- Enjoy cold water by easily adding ice from a scoop or an ice dispenserMouthpiece- Effortless sipping and wholesome flow with soft and durable mouthpiece- 90-degree turn lets you bite on the valve easily while you are active- Prevent leaking with easily accessible ON/OFF valveDrinking Tube- Extra long 37-inch tube- Resists water temperature change during hot and cold weather due to tube insulation- Rubber binding at each end prevents insulation from wearing offQuick Disconnect Tube- No struggle with screwing in the tube. Simply click in/out to connect/disconnect. Quickly disconnect tube for easy storage.- Conveniently place filled bladder in refrigerator or icebox without the tube. Tube connector shuts off automatically when tube is detached.Compatibility- Compatible with most backpacks including Camelbak, Ospery, High Sierra, Teton. Due to large variations in designs, please check dimensions for fit. Doesn't fit? We'll do full-refund return.BUY RISK-FREE with our No-Hassle 60-DAY FULL REFUND GUARANTEE!Our DISCOUNTED PRICE IS NOT GUARANTEED TO LAST, So Be Sure to BUY NOW! Additional Images: Hydraulics ReservoirWed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 of the Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir Easy to handle when filling and loading into a pack Perfect for external access hydration sleeves in loaded packs Contoured HydroStatic backer plate preserves pack fit and comfort Magnetic bite valve attaches to sternum strap Additional Images: Sendi Hydration Bladder 3 Liter//100 oz - Water...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 product. Best military Hydration Bladder, made of Eco-friendly material Eco-friendly material has the following advantages: No Odor or taste. BPA-free. No plastic taste. Food-grade certification, absolutely non-toxic. High-grade environmentally friendly material profiles. With super toughness, anti-bacterial, abrasion and heat resistance characteristics. Product line with the US FDA or NSF food grade standards. Dual Opening Design, very easy to use. Screw cap + sliding opening. Large opening for easy add water, add ice cubes and cleaning , drying . Hand can be directly inserted into the bladder to cleaning. Mouthpiece with a valve switch, to prevent leakage. Just pull out the water switch , unplug the cap, then gently bite the mouthpiece of the pipe, there will be fresh water injecting to your mouth. Large opening for easy cleaning inner surfaces, easy to fill water and ice. Product Details Bladders material: Eco-friendly PEVA Colour: Green SIZE: 16.14'' * 7.87'' Capacity: 3 L /100 oz. PVC Suction pipe: Length 40.9 inch Dual Opening Design: Screw cap + sliding opening. Weight: 240 g Use Range: Bike trips, camping, hiking , Running and other outdoor sports. Note: Hydration Bladder can not be loaded beverage, wine, milk and so on. Can withstand the water temperature range: -20 to 50 degree Celsius. Lifetime Guarantee If you are not satisfied with our products, you can always replace and return or contact us refund. Our DISCOUNTED PRICE IS NOT GUARANTEED TO LAST LONG, So Be Sure to BUY NOW! Additional Images: Price: $49.99Platypus Hoser Hydration ReservoirWed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500, lightweight hydration system. The Hoser hydration system is a light, versatile hydration system that has become a backcountry classic. It has a simple, durable design that is practical for any activity and it comes in four handy sizes to fit practically any pack. Additional Images: /images/no-image-small.gifOW Hydration Water Bladder with Cleaning Kit | YOUR #1 BEST...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Quality water bladders! 3L Model includes cleaning kit, quick disconnect valve and everything else shown in pictures. Additional Images: 100 Ounce Mil-Spec Antidote Reservoir Long 90857Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Military Antidote 3L Long Reservoir - Meet the Antidote. More than just a reservoir, the Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir redefines the ultimate delivery system for an operators water supply and provides maximum adaptability for changing missions or combat environments. The new Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir with Quick Link System-- the ultimate cure for dehydration. OPERATIONAL FEATURES: Quick Link Exit Port and QL HydroLock Bite Valve Adapter: tube clicks off for faster refilling with auto shut-off New Fillport: industrys largest opening with air-light turn open/close for quick, secure seal that cant be over-tightened; lighter weight lower profile design Low-profile, baffled design reduces reservoir stack and maximizes stability QL HydroLock offers easy, one-handed on/off water flow on drink tube Quick Link and QL HydroLock drink tube: quickly and easily attach any CPC accessory including the USMC standard filter Insulated drink tube cover protects tube from harmful UV rays and abrasion CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee. If we built it, we'll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee Additional Images: Military Water Beast Omega ReservoirWed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Water Beast Omega 3L Reservoir - Standard fit in all of the Military Tactical packs, CamelBaks Omega Water Beast reservoir has proven durability with Hydroguard anti-microbial protection. Designed to ensure the reliable delivery of water during extreme operational situations, it includes an insulated delivery tube with Quick Disconnect Hydrolink, a Hydrolink Port Plug and Hydrolink Big Bite Valve. Additional Images: Hydraulics ReservoirWed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500's Hydraulics LT Reservoirs by Hydrapak are made for light and fast activities where weight and balance are critical. Twin-welded chevron baffles stabilize the water and maintain a flat profile. The streamlined design allows for easy loading into internal hydration sleeves. Thoughtful design makes filling, cleaning and most importantly staying hydrated on the trail easier than ever. All parts are BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, guaranteed. All materials are certified food safe according to FDA and EU regulations. Additional Images: Tactical WXP Hydration Reservoir System with Storm...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 high-performance reservoir for Source Outdoors hydration systems, the WXP bladder features a wide opening for easy filling, cleaning, draining, and ice insertion. It's available in 2- and 3-liter models. Source's Glass-Like Film is smoother than standard TPU films with virtually no difference from glass itself, preventing bio-film build up and making the system virtually self-cleaning. And the bladder retains a pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. Utilizing an FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent, Grunge Guard Technology inhibits bacteria growth on the reservoir and drinking tube surfaces for the life of the system. The WXP comes with comes with the high-flow Storm valve, a push-pull system that's like drinking from a straw. A sealing mechanism locks the valve shut with a simple twist (ideal for extremely cold weather), and the QMT valve tip offers the convenience of disconnecting the valve so the tube can be easily woven through tight opening. The 90-degree design allows the tube to be shorter, minimizing excess tubing around your chest and creating an ideal drinking angle. It also comes with a Dirt-Shield protective cover that protects the valve from valve from dirt, sand, dust, mud, and other pollution. The drinking tube's Cool Weave cover blocks UV light and insulates, keeping your water cool and inhibiting bacteria growth. Dedicated to bringing original, functional, long-lasting gear to those who inhabit the great outdoors, Source Outdoors has been a groundbreaker in hydration system technology and is also well known for its tactical gear and hiking sandals. Tested in the most extreme conditions, hundreds of thousands of Source hydration systems are in use in the field. Additional Images: