CampingGearWeb Feed Saws RSS Feed Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain & FREE...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 America's #1 TOP RATED Chainsaw In Your Pocket! NO MORE! to cheap wire saws that break and cut poorly or 24" saws that are poorly made and too short to cut a thicker limb!NO MORE! to saws that have pointed teeth that are impossible to sharpen! Your search for the best Pocket Chainsaw is finally over! This is just some of the benefits you can look forward to when you buy today, This 3' saw rips through limbs and roots in seconds. Our world class quality saw is extremely light weight, portable, flexible and destroys a 3" limb in less than 10 seconds! Our saw is designed to cut through hardwood easily in tight places and specially treated to help prevent rust and corrosion. This saw can be used by anyone! The 36 inch Longer Chain Benefits Over a Shorter 24" Saw: 1. Longer chain equals longer strokes with more teeth equals faster cutting times2. Easier to cut higher branches3. Longer means better body posture when cutting equals less fatigue4. Cuts thicker limbs that shorter saws can't What Makes Us The Best Pocket Chainsaw In The Market? To answer that we invite you to read the 370+ five star reviews our customers have posted after receiving their Saw. ✔ Great customer service✔ Add rope to handles to make a high limb cutting saw✔ Nicely Packaged → Not Just In A Plain Box Or Poly Bag✔ Makes A Great Gift For Any Outdoor Enthusiast✔ This Attention To Detail Is What Separates Us From The Other Competitors Still Have Doubts? Our LIFETIME Guarantee No Other Brand Offers: If after receiving our Saw you don't agree that it is all that we have described above, we will refund your money. Its that simple! ★IMPORTANT★ Because of the huge HIGH DEMAND for this Saw, we frequently run out of stockClick *Add to Cart* Button at the Top of the Page to Get your Unmatched Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw Additional Images: Price: $29.95RICISUNG Mini Stainless Steel Wire Saw Emergency Camping...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 for hunter, fisher, camper, explorer, emergency, other outdoor activities & family use, etc Additional Images: /images/no-image-small.gifSHARPEST! Survival Pocket Hand Chainsaw EAT WOOD 3 TIMES...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Real Survival tool that could save your life What if... you are wet, cold and hungry in the wild...? When calories count... Our Pocket Chain saw is your best choice of gathering wood. You will be cutting through timber IN NO TIME. No other hand chainsaw or folding saw could COMPARE. You Won't Find A Better Pocket Chain Saw on the market. Why Croc chainsaw? 1.Cutting woods with Maximum Efficiency. 92+ SUPER SUPER SHARP Teeth and Comfortable handle Ensure HIGHEST PERFORMANCE. 2.BUILT TO LAST. Made with Highest Quality Steel. 3.Extreme Portability and weighs nothing! Comes with belt loop pouch easily fits into camping pack. Our pocket chain saw is NOT for DOING EXERCISE but GETTING THE JOB DONE! 60 Day Money Back Guarantee If within 60 days you're not 100% happy with your purchase, let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase questions asked! Special Guarantee To You Today If within 60 days you could find another hand chain saw which works better than ours, send us a short video and we'll refund your entire purchase price (including shipping costs). Very Important...Read This: We Apologize If We're Sold Out. Because Of The Extremely High Demand For Our Croc Hand Chain Saw, We Tend To Run Out Of Inventory Fast. Order Your Croc Chain Saw Now While It's Still In Stock! Additional Images: Camping Survival Gear - 36 Inch Long Pocket Chainsaw...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 UP WITH SMALL LOW QUALITY WIRE SAWS THAT BREAK AND CUT POORLY? IN NEED OF A COMPACT, LIGHT WEIGHT SAW THAT CAN CUT FIREWOOD IN SECONDS?Your search for the best Pocket Saw is over: SUMPRI 36 INCH SURVIVAL GEAR POCKET CHAINSAW IS YOUR SOLUTION!• Has extra length, sharp and can cut down a 12" trunk in about 3 minutes.• Made from high carbon steel -formulated to provide good wear resistance and hardness.• Bi Directional Chainsaw Chain Blades- Cuts when pushed and pulled.• Compact, lightweight and fits in your pocket! • Essential Tool for Camping, Emergencies, Yard Work, and More.Why Choose SUMPRI Camping Gear?Its vacation time and your exited to have a camping trip with your friends and family. Weight and space are always an issue and you plan to make a campfire but need the tools to do it with!How about getting the right survival gear that will always work - anywhere, under any weather!Using SUMPRI Pocket Camp Saw & Fire Starter Kit means you will always have all the camping equipment you'll need to make a campfire and really enjoy the outdoors!Your kids will love it as many people report this to be an extremely exiting family experience (safe and compact to use unlike a bushcraft axe or fire wood axe) cutting your own fire wood and using the fire starter to light a campfire in any location under any weather.You Can't Go Wrong With This One - SUMPRI Pocket Survival Saw & Fire Starter Kit is clearly the best choice with Risk Free-Full 100% money back 30 day guarantee. Click The Yellow Add To Cart Button At The Top Of This Page And Grab Yours Now! Additional Images: Price: $21.95Survival Chainsaw Pocket Hand Saw 29-Inch Folding Survival...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Light weight and portable.Easily fits into your pocket. Great for precision cutting and working in tight areas Comfortable handles, easy to locate and easy to use Great survival tool for cutting wood to make fire or shelter in an emergency 360-degrees of flexibility It is an essential survival tool for camping, hiking, backpacking and all other outdoor sports. It is also a good tool for home and garden use. Cut wood quickly and easily. Specification: Item: Pocket Chain saw Size: 47 inch long((including handles) Saw blade SIZE: 28 inch Material: High-quality,high-strength tensile ferromanganese Package Includes: 1 X Pocket Chain Saw + 1 X Fire Starter + 1 X Nylon Pouch Additional Images: Price: $12.99Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding SawWed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw by Bahco Additional Images: /images/no-image-small.gifFelco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke ActionWed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 resistant, hard chromed blade made of high quality steel. The shape of the blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom - where the teeth are. This unique feature prevents clogging and binding, since the sides of the blade never come in contact with the wood. New ergonomic handle made of non-slip comfort material. New locking system. Cuts branches up to 4" in diameter. Overall length 14". Blade length 6". Additional Images: Price: $30.99Doingart Chain Saw Portable Folding Pocket Survival Hand...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 Pocket Chainsaw with 39 inch long, perfect Compact Pocket Survival chainsaw For all -Cuts wood faster than a conventional saw. - Easy to re sharpen even after years of use. - Perfect length for for your arms pull. - Great for survival hunting and much more. - Easy to carry in a back pack or pocket. FEATURES Item: Pocket Chain saw Size: 39 inch long((including handles) Saw blade SIZE: 19 inch Material: High-quality,high-strength tensile ferromanganese Weight: 6.69 oz If you have any problem,please contact us ,we will give the best suggestion Additional Images: Price: $8.59Pocket Chainsaw with Paracord Handle (24inch-11teeth) /...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 SOS survival gear makes it more convenient and safer on unexpected emergencies. The small and portable size makes it easy to carry, the strong durable paracord handles gives it more possibilities to deal with different special situations. Features - Mini size and light weight portable for any places you go. - Flexible bi-directional motion increase cutting speed. - Tough saw blades can go through branches, thick logs or entire trees. - Help you quickly cut and gather woods for campfire and more. - Comes with small convenient belt loop pouch perfect for outdoorsman. - Essential tool for survival, camping, emergencies, yard work, and more. Specification - Length: 24 inches(chainsaw)/ 7 inches(handle ), - Weight: 0.39bls - Material: 65# Steel(chainsaw), Nylon Paracord(handle) - Blade Quantity: 11 teeth - Package Contents: 1x Folding Chainsaw, 1x Belt loop pouch Additional Images: /images/no-image-small.gifMACHEE Commando Wire Saw Bulk, Ideal For Survival Kits...Wed, 31 Dec 69 19:00:00 -0500 brand new Leegoal brand items ,show as pictures. What's in the package: 1 x Commando Wire Saw Bulk Declaration: * Leegoal is a registered trademark. * Only placing your order from Leegoal Amazon store could get our perfect customer service and product quality warranty. Additional Images: Price: $7.60